"The guitar is a whole lot more than a guitar...
there's a whole attitude towards life wrapped up in it"  
(Charles Fox)

SB Acoustic ~ an Ongoing Series of Live 

International Acoustic Music Concerts

& Annual Handmade Guitar Exhibition

Fingerstyle & Jazz

Gypsy & Flamenco

Americana & Blues

Slack Key & more

12 Sunday Nights per year at SOhO

in Beautiful Downtown Santa Barbara

Fall '21 Concerts

Willie Watson & Kenny Sultan 9/19

Luca Stricagnoli 10/17

Laurence Juber 10/24

Marley's Ghost & Jon Wilcox 11/7

John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band 11/21

All shows start at 7:30pm. Come early for dinner.

Proof of Vax (or negative test within 72 hours if medically unable to be vax'd) required.

It's the best bargain for professional live acoustic music, anywhere, anytime. 

Reopening Concert with Willie Watson (USA) 9/19/21 $25

For nearly two decades, Willie Watson has made modern folk music rooted in older traditions. He’s a folksinger in the classic sense: a singer, storyteller, and traveler, with a catalog of songs that bridge the gap between the past and present. He acts as a modern interpreter of older songs, passing along his own version of the music that came long before him.

Southern gospel. Railroad songs. Delta blues. Irish fiddle tunes. Appalachian music. He makes room songs that were popularized by artists like Leadbelly, Reverend Gary Davis, Furry Lewis, and Bascom Lamar Lunsford. The songs don’t actually belong to those artists, though. They don’t belong to anyone. Instead, they’re part of the folk canon, passed from generation to generation by singers like Watson. And what a singer he is.

“I’m not trying to prove any point here,” he insists, “and I’m not trying to be a purist. There’s so much beauty in this old music, and it affects me on a deep level. It moves me and inspires me. I heard Leadbelly singing with the Golden Gate Quartet and it sounded fantastic, and I thought, ‘I want to do that.’ I heard the Grateful Dead doing their version of ‘On the Road Again,’ and it sounded like a dance party in 1926, and I wanted to do that, too. That’s the whole reason I ever played music in the first place — because it looked and sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun.”

& Kenny Sultan (USA)

Kenny Sultan's brother introduced him to T-Bone Walker and Lightnin' Hopkins at age 7. The effect was permanent; he's been playing acoustic blues guitar ever since.
Confirming his love for the music, he graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he majored in Music/Ethnomusicology. A noted teacher, he has taught music, guitar and music history at the university level and has conducted countless workshops and seminars.
In addition to performing and recording with Tom Ball, Kenny has appeared as a sideman on numerous recordings by other artists, and cut two widely acclaimed solo guitar CDs.
Kenny is a Signature Martin Artist with his own Martin Kenny Sultan 000-18 model.

Luca Stricagnoli (Italy) 10/17/21 $22

Laurence Juber (UK/USA) 10/24/21 $22

Marley's Ghost (USA) 11/7/21 $22

double concert with Jon Wilcox & Friends

J2B2 | John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band

featuring Herb Pederson - 11/21/21 $35

Winter/Spring '22 Concerts

The winter/spring season of 7 concerts is $150 per person with reserved seating.

Current Acoustic Club members have the first right

to retain their seats for the next series.

Send a note via the Contact From below if you would like to reserved seats.

Individual concerts will be available through SOhO closer to concert dates.

NAMM, which is the largest musical trade show in the world, has been rescheduled from January to June '22, which will radically affect musician's tour dates. Therefore, some dates will change, but we'll try to make sure everybody gets here/

All shows start at 7:30pm ~ Come early for dinner.

SBAcoustic is the best bargain for live acoustic music, anywhere, anytime. 

Mike Dawes (UK) 1/23/22 $22

Trace Bundy (USA) 2/6/22 $25

Carl Verheyen Acoustic Blues Band (USA) 3/6/22 $22

"It’s one the most beautiful experiences I know. Someone has spent a lifetime learning how to get the most beautiful sound possible out of an instrument that someone else has spent a lifetime learning how to build those sounds into…and we come together to play what a similar human has done with writing music. And finally, the whole thing merges when fellow music lovers come to hear and see it all. Many good things happen in this life, but none better than this." (Michael Chapdelaine)
"The Celebration was one of the all around most meaningful and entertaining experiences I have ever had and I thank you from the bottom of my heart..." (SBAIC'16 attendee)

Andres Vadin Flamenco Trio (Cuba/USA) 3/27/22 $25

Sean McGowan (USA) & Pierre Bensusan (France) 4/17/22 $22

TransAtlantic Gypsy Jazz Trio (USA/Germany) 5/15/22 $30

Richard Smith, Joscho Stephan & Rory Hoffman

Joe Robinson (Australia/USA) 6/12/22 $25

Future Concerts

Clive Carroll (UK) 10/23/22

Django Cats (USA) Fall/22

Calum Graham (Canada) January 2023

Nick Charles (Australia)

KoMaGa Trio (Japan/USA)


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Past Concerts

Since 2016 we have been fortunate to host live music by many of the world’s great string players:

A Call 2 Peace

Don Alder

Muriel Anderson

Paul Asbell

Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan

Adrian Bellue

Claude Bourbon

Trace Bundy

Clive Carroll

Michael Chapdelaine

Nick Charles


Craig D’Andrea

Alex DeGrassi

Jerry Douglas

Antoine Dufour

Ken Emerson & Kimo West

Tommy Emmanuel

Vicki Genfan

Nina Gerber & Chris Webster 

Teja Gerken


Trevor Gordon Hall

Mark Hanson

Rory Hoffman

The Hot Club of Nashville

The Idiomatiques

Claude LaFlamme

Michael Lorimer

Nick Johnson

John Jorgenson

Laurence Juber

Justin King

Alberto Lombardi

Sean McGowan

Tony McManus

Maria Muldaur

Kai Narezo

Kinloch Nelson

George Quirin

Donovan Raitt

Del Rey

Joe Robinson

Sam ’n’ Ash

Richard Smith

Tim Sparks

Joscho Stephan

Walter Strauss


Sofia Talvik

The Transatlantic Trio

Hiroya Tsukamoto

Andres Vadin

Dani Vargas & Jenna Columbet

Carl Verheyen

Willie Watson

Doug Young

Andrew York

Acoustic Music & the Guitar

"Acoustic music is the timeless sound of nature and resonating materials – wood, bone, gourd, gut and skin. It predates the spoken language of modern culture, crossing all borders and barriers. It speaks to great, universal truths of very personal, yet familiar stories. Those stories keep legacies alive, allow them to be shared, and create new ones going forward".

(Derek Johnson aka Musicalist)

Music is unparalleled in its impact across civilization; it is infinite and evolving across time, place, religion and culture. It is the door to our souls, the balm for our spirit, an inspiration to feel deeply, our common language, and the heart of community.

The humble guitar is known for its enormous musical versatility across all cultures and genres. It has been the voice of people to tell their stories, and attainable to everyone regardless of wealth or social status.

"The guitar can truly change the world...we've seen that in ministry and education;
it has affected international borders. It's a very dangerous tool." (Richard Hoover, with a smile)

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